Instructions to author

The Editors of the JFJMU welcome contributions from all biomedical disciplines. Only those manuscripts which are of scientific importance and substantiate the existing medical and biomedical knowledge would be accepted. All submissions will be reviewed by a set of senior subject specialists. Their evaluation would be communicated to authors.

 The editorial board entertains articles on first come first served basis and does not guarantee publishing any accepted article in a particular issue. The printing cost and the cost of color figures (if desired) will be borne by the contributor. The editors reserve the right to edit the accepted article to conform it to style of JFJMC.


Submission of Manuscripts: Manuscripts are received both in soft and hard copies. An abstract published prior to a full report is not regarded as a duplicate publication. The letter of undertaking (available on Journal website) duly signed by contributing authors must accompany the manuscript. The authors should certify that the submitted article is neither has been published nor considered for publication elsewhere. The authors would transfer copyright to the JFJMC. Accepted manuscripts may not be published elsewhere without prior permission of JFJMC.


Manuscript Preparation: The manuscript should follow the guidelines as mentioned here. All units of measurement (except blood pressure) and laboratory values must be expressed in S1 units; conventional units may be included parenthetically. Manuscript including tables, references and figure legends, must be typed, double spaced on 8x11 inch (21.5x28cm) or size A4 paper, numbered consecutively, beginning with the title page and continuing through the last page of typed material. One original and two photocopies of the entire manuscript should be submitted, along with two sets of photographs. A CD of manuscript on Microsoft World should also be submitted. If submitted online, please ask for acknowledgment by editorial staff.


Title Page: The title page must contain; (1) title of the article, (2) Correct names of each author plus highest academic degree for each, (3) each author’s official, l academic and clinical title along with affiliation, (4) name and address of the institution (5) name, address and mobile / contact number of the corresponding author, if it differs from the first author and (6) any disclaimers. For case reports, it is recommended that the number of authors be limited to three. Acknowledgements should be included in the Acknowledgement Section at the end of the article.


Abstract: All original articles must contain a structured abstract of not more than 250 words on the second page of manuscript. Break it into four paragraphs, each with a clear heading.

Background: state why the study was done, and its main aim: Subject & method; describe patients, laboratory material and other methods used. Clearly identify the nature of the study; randomized controlled trial, retrospective review, experimental study, etc. Results: state the main findings of the study; include important numerical values. Conclusion; state the main Conclusion drawn from the result. Keywords; A minimum of 3 Key words as per Mesh (Medical Subject Headings) should be written.

A non-structured abstract should be written in case of case report with key words.


Manuscript Format: Most original articles have the following format Introduction, Subjects and Methods (the study design and methods, definitions such as for diagnostic criteria, the population or patient samples, and laboratory and statistical methods): Result and Discussion (Conclusions based on the findings, evidence from the literature that supports the conclusions conflicting evidence, applicability of the conclusions and implications for future research of clinical applications).

References: The authors should follow the Vancouver Style in both text and reference section. Help may taken from online guidelines by ICMJE. List of references double spaced, in consecutive numerical order (the order of citation in the manuscript, not alphabetically). Once a reference is cited, all subsequent citations should be to the original numbers. All references must be cited in the text or tables. Unpublished data and personal communications will not be accepted as reference. Reference to journal articles, should include in this order, (1) authors (2) title (3) Journal name as abbreviated in Index Medics (4) year, (5) volume and (6) issue number and (7) publisher Volume and edition numbers and specific page numbers should be included when appropriate.


Illustrations: Two sets of photographs should be included with the submitted manuscript. Photographs must be high contrast, glossy, black and white prints, un-mounted and untrimmed with preferred (10x13cm and 13x18cm). Color transparencies or photos, figure numbers, name of senior author, and an arrow indicating top should be typed / or gummed correctly. All lettering, arrows or other artwork must be done legibly. All Graphs and charts using computer software should be numbered as cited in the text in consecutive numeric order.

Legends: Captions for the figures must be typed: double-spaced. For photomicrographs the legend should include the original magnification and scale used.

Tables: Each table should be typed double-spaced, including all headings. Tables should be simple and should supplement and not duplicate information. Verify tabular statistics to make sure the tally and match data cited in the text.

Responsibilities of Authors: The authors should get ethical clearance prior to start of any intervention study from Institutional or Provincial ethical committee/ board. The authors are entirely responsible for accuracy of all statements, data contained in the manuscript and references. Authorship should be based on intellectual contribution. No request would be entertained to include name or change order after submission of article. They are responsible for obtaining and submitting permission from the authors and publisher of any previously published material included in the manuscript, if so it should be duly acknowledged.

The corresponding author will receive an edited manuscript for final approval. The author should review this carefully as he is responsible for all changes in his work, including changes made by the copy editor.

Please submit the manuscript within given limit to the publication office of JFJMC, Fatima Jinnah Medical University Lahore, Pakistan.


PLAGIARISM POLICY: The JFJMC follows the guidelines of ICMJE, PMDC, HEC and Pakistan association of medical editors (PAME) for all types of plagiarism. The editors are committed to observe Zero Tolerance for any unethical practice and plagiarism